Our Services for non-profits

MyBoxOffice.US offers state-of-the-art ticketing services to non-profit performing arts venues and festivals and is the non-profit division of our parent company InterTicket.

Our services and systems are offered at no direct cost to the venues. In most cases, equipment needed (such as ticket printers, scanners, credit card readers, workstations, etc) is provided at no cost to the venues.

Our systems offer advanced functionality such as season ticket sales, networked resellers, print-at-home PDF tickets, gift and loyalty cards, and much more. Each system is custom-build to the client's requirements.

With years of experience gained from the thousands of box offices worldwide that we serve, you can trust us to build the perfect box office solution that is exactly what your venue needs.

Feature Highlights

Online Ticket Sales

To date, there is no sales channel more cost effective to sell tickets than the web. And we have a lot of web! We offer custom integration to your website, sales through our portal and regional portals and even mobile apps to make it as easy as possible for patrons to get their tickets. Combined with our Print-at-Home (PDF eTickets) capabilities, this is a very powerful solution to venues large and small.

Box Office Point-of-Sale

While many ticketing systems allow you to sell tickets from a website, there are a few that have the added benefit and security of dedicated point-of-sale terminals in our box offices.

Consignment Ticket Sales

Have you ever thought about how your board and other members could help you sell your tickets? Consignment ticket sales will allow you to assign a set of printed tickets to a member who can sell them in their own coffee shop, workplace, or friends accounting for them at a later time without the fear of lost tickets.

Distribution Network

Do your members own stores, booths at shopping malls? We could provide them with a network reseller access and give them the ability to sell tickets to your and other events on our network with a few clicks of a mouse allowing them to earn a commission. This will allow you to expand your footprint way beyond your box office.

Marketing Assistance

Over the years, we had gained valuable know-how on how to build audiences. We've partnered up with LivingSocial, MailChimp and others to provide you with marketing tools and services unmatched by our competitors. With us, you can run exclusive deals through our system on the Living Social Network without the need for manpower to process your orders at a smaller cost than going direct.

Season Ticket Sales

Have a season? We have the ability to support season ticket sales. You will now have the ability to issue one season pass where the patrons are able to keep their favorite seat for the entire season and renew their subscription year after year before tickets go on sale. This feature is loved by season subscribers as it gives them unprecedented benefits and ease-of-access to their favorite seats.

Timed Ticket Holds

What if you want to hold seats for your actors, VIP's, or board members? Our system allows you to place seats on hold for a pre-determined period of time. If the tickets are not sold by that time, they are automatically released to the general public. This feature is widely used to ensure continued commitment and engagement of your valued members and patrons.

Unbeatable Value

Nobody can argue that we offer the best value. For qualifying non-profits, we provide all our services and equipment at no cost! Online purchasers will pay up to a $2.5/ticket sold service fee on top of the ticket  price (depending on the price of the ticket). This means no capital investment, no costs to use the system and best-in-class technology. What's not to love?

Easy, point-n-click interface

Learning a new system is never fun. While we offer training as needed, we have made strides to make our system very easy to use and understand. Training to sell tickets on the system can take as little as 5 minutes because our easy-to-use, point-n-click interface.

Barcoded Tickets

All tickets are uniquely barcoded to allow for better tracking and effective admission control.

This technology enables us to provide Print-at-Home (PDF) tickets as well.

Worldwide presence and experience

We have been selling tickets for a long, long time. While our footprint in the United States is small and concentrated only on non-profit venues, our global presence is massive with thousands of venues using our systems in Europe, South America, Asia and even as far as Australia.

Credit Card Processing

We integrate with various merchant gateways like Authorize.NET, FirstData, PayPal and lots more. Integrating with your merchant account will allow you to get the proceeds from tickets sold within 48 hours of the sale in most cases and give you even greater control.

For smaller venues, we can act as the processor for a small credit card processing fee.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

You can issue and keep track of gift cards and loyalty cards to your patrons. Gift and loyalty cards can be used to purchase tickets from all ticket outlets (including your website).

Loyalty cards can entitle patrons for an automatic patron discount that can be limited to number of tickets per show or season.

Group Sales

Have groups attending your events? Our system will allow you to keep track of groups, create group contracts, take deposits and allow groups to pay in installments. You will now have full control over how groups interact with your box office and have a clear way to track their reservation and payment progress.

U.S. Datacenter and Dedicated Support

All our servers are located on the east coast with the main datacenter in Boston, MA and a backup facility in Orlando, FL. All support is provided by a U.S. based dedicated sales/support representative that will act as laison and client advicate to our main support group in Budapest, Hungary, thus taking advantange of the time difference to minimize downtime during peak hours in case of updates and maintenance.

Order Fulfillment Center

We even mail out tickets to your patrons at no charge. Stop wasting time printing and stuffing envelopes, licking stamps and running to the post office. Our fulfilment center in Orlando, FL will mail out ticket orders from the web and your box office within 24 hours and up to 7 days prior to the event at no cost to you.

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